Monday, May 2, 2016

Russo-Turkish encounter via Maurice.

Recently I completed a late 18th, early 19th century Turkish army. They made an interesting change of opponent for my SYW-era Russians. These new Ottomans are a mix of Old Glory and RSM figures.
I wanted a Russian defensive fight somewhere in Russia, looked about to see if there were any tactical scale maps around and settled on an old copy of Panzer Blitz. The three map boards were laid out; and I figured my 8' x 5' board would cover them 3 x 4 times. So, rolled the dice and randomly arrived at the battle of Adski. A defence of a valley and the town over looking it.

You can see Adski at the top left, the road in the foreground leads left through the valley. A random die roll made the village the objective. This roll was done after the Russian deployment. As I play solo the Ottomans then deployed to achieve their objective.


The Turkish commander opted for a frontal assault against the gun line on the center hill. Their plan was to wedge troops on high ground and flank to village of Adski. Their cavalry on the valley road would keep the right flank of e Russian position busy...hopefully.

The attack goes in, four trained Jannisary units and one elite unit ( just near the general) move to remove the guns and then turn left and right to consolidate the hilltop.

The Russian infantry put up a vailiant stand but they and the guns are seriously out numberd. Poor command cards prevent an other help from their reserves!

The gun battery is  nullified the Infantry defenders broken. As the Turks move futher up the hill, the Russian general funally gets some battalions moving to rectify the situation. 


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