Saturday, June 8, 2013

Battle  of  Ueizig

Well, after a 6 month hiatus dealing with my father's estate; I'm finally back to some gaming. My local group doesn't favor Maurice and this leaves me with plenty of opportunity for solo play.

The kingdom of Bravance has won all the past encounter. Today the Hrvatskan army is attempting a southern run at the city of Brand. Unfortunately (read bad dice) they are caught, in march columns, short of their objective. The Bravancer army has caught them just as they enter the village of Ueizig.

The Hrvatskans march through the country side, into Ueizig. The lead cavalry unit will prove a problem.

The Bravancer forces are already deployed and waiting on the other side of the village. It should be noted that the cavalry are all Guards (elite)!

After two turns the Hrvatskan cavalry retrogrades and the infantry prepares to garrison the village. The plan is spoiled as the Bravance Fusiliers advance close enough to prevent the investment of the village.

Bravancer troops move forward, the general played and event that allowed moving two forces in the same turn.

The Hrvatskan cavalry reacts to a possible flanking by the Bravancer Guard cavalry.

Meanwhile, vicious street fighting occurs between the Musketeers and the Fusiliers. Both are disordered and fighting in difficult going.

Although they lost the fight the Musketeers were not damaged enough and the Fusiliers were required to fall back, disordered again.

On the Hrvatskan left, the conscript regiment in white is approached and volleyed by Bravancer musketeers.

The Hrvatskan artillery is deployed to protect the left flank, but the Musketeers charge the Conscripts. The white regiment is double and breaks for the rear.

At the same turn the Fusiliers resume their fight within Ueizig, finally breaking the defending Musketeers.

At the end of turn six, the center of the field belonged to Bravance.

Fearing envelopment the Hrvatskan cavalry maneuvers around the woods, and returns to their lines. 
You can just see the Bravancer cavalry beginning the move to charge the enemy guns in the flank!

Burning up cards quickly, the Bravance army complates the charge, destroying the artillery unit. Luckily the morale roll was a one, and no points were lost.

Down to their last morale point the red army begins to withdraw. But the guns are caught by a fast moving column  that has deployed and charged. The loss of this last artillery unit reduces the Hrvatskan army to zero points, ending the game.

In the battles aftermath, many of the Hrvatskan units were reduced in quality; while those of Bravance stayed about the same. The charge into the Conscripts gained the musketeers are promotion to guard status!