Sunday, December 16, 2012

The battle of Reckling

Well, this is the third and last battle of the first campaign season. The Army of Bravance has been victorious once again. Let's see why....

The Hrvatskan garrison at Reckling.

The approach of the Bravancian army!

Hrvatskan relief force deploys for battle. (I'll apologize now for the unfinished bases ofd the Hussars)

On the distant hill can be seen the invader's heavy artillery bombarding Reckling; tough times 
for the already disordered garrison.

The white-coated Saxon regiment, in camp, outside Reckling, deploys into line of battle.

As the distant guns boom, Hrvatska's hussars reconnoiter the hill.

To no one's surprise, the valley floor below is carpeted in blue-coated Bravancian brigands!

Luckily it's turn 4 and the reinforcements have arrived; a trained regiment and its gun.

With the arrival of new supports, the Hrvatskan cavalry ride down the hill against the waiting sabers of Bravance.

Alas, the hussars are swept away by their heavier foes, while the Bravance Guard cavalry 
reels back from Hrvatska's cuirassiers.

Orders fly as the Bravance cavalry re-groups to charge the hill.

The defenders pull back their lone cavalry regiment to the support of fresh infantry.

Ignoring their own disorder and the threat of musketry, Bravance aggressively attacks up-hill against the enemy.

Bravance is rewarded for their audacity, the Hrvatskan cavalry bolts from the field of battle!!

The infantry lines continue to trade volleys.

By Wheeling into line a fresh reinforcement of Bravance's infantry peppers the Guard Grenadiers of Hrvatska.

Unable to reply to twice it's strength, the guard is destroyed by musket volleys.

With the hill secured and the grenadiers gone, Bravance can finish the flanking movement on the enemy's right flank.  Unfortunately, this leaves little energy to maintain the bombardment of Reckling.

Despite their disorder, the cavalry prepares to charge the lone infantry regiment that secures Hrvatska's right flank.

Confident his fresh infantry can hold off the weakened cavalry; the Hrvatskan general sends the remaining gun off to his left to engage the heavy artillery in bombardment.

A lesson learned the hard way, as the cavalry surprises the infantry and delivers enough 
damage to disorder them to rout.

This last fight brings the Hrvatskan Army morale to zero...end of game.

Well!  That concludes this first year of campaigning. All three engagements were won by Bravance. The Hrvatskan army has lost many elite units and must re-train and raise more to replace them. We'll see...

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